Full Day Workshops

  • DIT’18 – 1st Workshop on Data-driven Intelligent Transportation
  • DSBDA 2018 – The 6th International Workshop on Data Science and Big Data Analytics
  • DaMNet – The Eighth International Workshop on Data Mining in Networks

Half Day Workshops

  • SENTIRE – Sentiment Elicitation from Natural Text for Information Retrieval and Extraction
  • The first International Workshop on Developmental Learning Workshop on DELL
  • DEEP – Data Mining for eLearning Personalization
  • SSTDM-18 – 13th International Workshop on Spatial and Spatio-Temporal Data Mining
  • Deep Learning and Tensor/Matrix Decomposition for Applications in Neuroscience
  • The 2018 International Workshop on Data-driven Granular Cognitive Computing
  • OEDM’18 – The Workshop on Optimization Based Techniques for Emerging Data Mining Problems
  • IWSC’18 – The 2nd International Workshop on Social Computing: Spatial Social Behavior Analytics in Urban Society
  • GRLA 2018 – The 1st International Workshop on Large Scale Graph Representation Learning and Applications
  • DINA – 4th Workshop on Data Integration and Applications
  • HDM: 6th Workshop on High Dimensional Data Mining
  • DMBIH’18 – The Sixth Workshop on Data Mining in Biomedical Informatics and Healthcare
  • ADMiS – International Workshop on Adapting Data Mining for Security
  • BlockSEA – Workshop on Blockchain and Sharing Economy Applications
  • Proposed Standards on Definitions of Analytics Roles, Skill-sets and Career Paths in the Data Science Industry
  • DMS – Data Mining for Service
  • The 1st International Workshop on Cross-disciplinary Data Exchange and Collaboration
  • BSDM – Blockchain Systems for Decentralized Mining
  • SAREC – 1st st Workshop on Scalable and Applicable Recommendation System
  • Deep Learning and Clustering
  • DMESS 2018 – Eighth Workshop on Data Mining in Earth System Science
  • GA – International Workshop on Graph Analytics

The full program will be released as soon as it is finalized.